Feel free to comment, suggest, or become involved with the following committees that report to the Parish Committee.

Parish Committee  Diana Kornet, Chair
Made up of members elected by the congregation who serve for three-year terms, the Parish Committee is responsible for developing policies and procedures, financial administration, and insuring that our goals established in partnership with the minister, committees and the congregation are achieved.

Current members are: Diana Kornet (Chair), Peter Parker (Vice Chair), Woody Chittick (Treasurer), Penny Myles (Clerk), Nancy Sandell, Meg DeWitt, and Sarah Williams.  Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. and members are welcome to attend.

Finance Committee  Woody Chittick, Chair
The Finance Committee consists of 4 members of the Parish plus the Treasurer as ex-officio member. Member have 2-year terms, starting this past July. No term limits have been set, but two consecutive terms are envisioned. Members will be nominated by the Nominating Committee.

Prior to the Annual Meeting of the Parish, the proposed budget of anticipated revenues and expenditures will be reviewed before submission to the Parish Committee and membership.

The Committee makes recommendations on revenue enhancement initiatives including: new forms of fundraisers, use of our buildings, planned giving/bequests, major gift initiatives (e.g. capital campaigns), and integrated on-line giving, deposit and disbursement systems.

It advises on matters of policy regarding the long term financial needs and goals of the Parish, and monitors current operating funds of the Parish, as well as longer-term Investments. Currently these funds and investments include: the First Parish Reserve Fund, the Gleason Music Fund for special music and paid musicians for special occasions, and the Community Outreach Fund for ongoing community outreach activities and  programs of First Parish.

Periodic Audits (currently every 3-4 years per the Bylaws) by an independent accounting firm will be initiated and reviewed by this Committee.

Current members are Ron Wallace (ex-Treasurer), Margie Brown (ex-Treasurer), Will Cowen (Former Head of the Finance Committee, and Investment Committee), Mark Dunne (Professional Expertise), Woody Chittick (ex-officio as PC Treasurer), Diana Kornet (ex-officio as PC Chair).

Property Committee  Lisa Dunne, Chair
The Property Committee is responsible for maintaining and beautifying our historic meetinghouse, parish house and building grounds. The property committee meets monthly on the third Thursday.

Committee members are Lisa Dunne (chair), Art Myles, Larry Lunt, Laurie Hamilton, Ken Paul, Jeff Donze, Nancy Sandell (ex officio).

Worship Committee

Current members are Nancy Robertson, Stanley Fogelman, Martha Gjesteby, Nancy Sandell (ex officio).


Religious Education Committee  Phil Struzziero, Chair
The committee works together with the Director of Religious Education and the Minister to create a program for children and youth that balances the needs of all those involved.  It is responsible for planning curriculum and coordinating classes and special events.  Members and friends are encouraged to engage with child and youth programming as a way to enhance their experience at First Parish.

Current members are Phil Struzziero (chair), Sarah Williams, Meghan Neri, Donna Shecrallah (R.E. Director).  The committee meets monthly.

Small Group Ministries Facilitator

Annie Spang, in consultation with Bob McKetchnie, plans the topics for Circle Ministry groups.  These are small group ministries of 8 to 10 people that are designed to foster friendship and caring, to provide an avenue for personal growth and spiritual exploration, and to strengthen the fabric of our faith community.  They are open to anyone who wishes to participate.  The groups are guided by facilitators and gather in people’s homes or in the Parish House twice a month for two hours.  Members of the group make a covenant regarding the way they will be with one another and a commitment to attend regularly.

Care Circle  Jane Ellis and Carol Martin, Coordinators
Open to the entire membership and consists of volunteers who rotate monthly to coordinate assistance for any member who, because of illness or crisis, needs help.  Volunteers provide meals, offer rides to appointments, and send cards.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is responsible for coordinating periodic intergenerational service project, and expending designated funds for outreach activities.  Members: Carol Martin, Kay Mixon, Jane Ellis, JoAnne Chittick, Mark Alves.

Stewardship Team
Meets every January through March to plan the upcoming Stewardship campaign to fund next year’s budget.


Teams assemble to accomplish special projects, and involve people for specific functions for a limited time commitment.


For more information about any of these committees, please contact Sandy Bailey, Parish Administrator at (781)-383-1100 or