Clock Tower Preservation

Thanks to all the Donors who contributed to the Clock Tower Restoration.


The First Parish Meeting House has stood on Cohasset Common since 1747. When news of the battles at Concord and Lexington reached Cohasset in 1775, the entire town gathered in the Meeting House to plan their response.  The structure continued to serve as the town’s meeting house for over a century.

Today the Meeting House stands as a symbol of our town’s history and as the iconic centerpiece of town life. Its classic and simple beauty draws visitors from all over. Many of our local businesses use the structure in their advertising. It is a favorite subject for artists. In 1898 the citizens of Cohasset voted to approve our Cohasset Town Seal that includes an image of the Meeting House.

As you have probably seen, significant structural work is being done on the Clock Tower. Some of the supporting beams have failed. The actual clock belongs to the town, while the Clock Tower is the responsibility of First Parish.

First Parish is a small congregation with a big commitment. Maintaining this historic building is our sacred trust, and we are doing everything we can to keep it in good repair. We have recently painted the entire building, and with the help of the Community Preservation Fund, restored all the windows.clock-tower-damageIMG_3643

We have restored the Clock Tower, and we appreciate the contributions from so many townspeople as well as our members!


Rod Hobson, for the Meeting House Clock Tower Restoration Fund

We are so thankful for the generous support of the following individuals and organizations for the restoration of the Meeting House Clock Tower.

We hope we have properly recognized all the donors while respecting those donors who wished to remain anonymous. If you see any errors please email or call 781-383-1100 to report any errors.

Here is an alphabetical list of the donors through February 18, 2014:

Lydia Adelfio John and Mary Hartshorne Rusty Park
Jean M Alexander David Hassan Mary and Peter Parker
Katherine Becker Charles and Genevra Higginson Judith Perry
Eleanor Bleakie Craig and Andrea Hillier Robert Perry
Mike and Barbara Bliss Rob Hillman Pilgrim Bank
Steve and Margie Brown Rod and Marilyn Hobson Marilyn Pitchford
Nancy and Jack Butler Elizabeth Alcorn Holt Dr Roger Pompeo
Sean Casey Diana Karcher Michael and Susan Putziger
John and Sandra Cavanaro Jeff Keay George and Patsy Rabstejnek
Timothy Chamberlain Helen Kelly Richard and Edna Redfield
George and Maureen Chamillard Susan Kent Mr and Mrs Jack S Reynolds
Liza and Jay Cody Peter and Beth Kerner Tim and Liza Salerno
Carolyn and John Coffey Jim and Rita Kirk Peter Sexton
Cohasset Travel Diana Kornet Christopher Sheldon
Francis and Gail Collins Ben Lacy Philip and Joan Shockman
Polly Cowen John Lacy South Shore Community Center
Robert and Denise DiCenso Brian and Maggie Levy Nails Essential Spa
Susan Dickie Kearin Lewis Mr and Mrs Robert Sullivan
Suzy and Sean Doherty Thomas Lincoln Willard and Dianne Taylor
Ralph and Jacqueline Dormitzer David Lord Ned and Chartis Tebbetts
Jody Doyle Paul Lualdi David and Sue Terry
Lisa and Mark Dunne Agnes MacDonald Juliana Tiryaki
Nino And Terese D’Urso Sandie MacGowan Victoria’s Pizzeria
Jane Ellis Martha Magnuson Lauren Vitali
Susan Etkind Eli and Anne Manchester Judith Volungis
Pat Facey Donna McGee William Weeks
Nancy and Richard Fernalld Paul and Elizabeth Migliaccio Tracey Welsh
J Borden and Nicole Freeman Samuel Morse Thomas and Maryanne Wetherald
Friends of Cohasset Elder Affairs Deanna Mulligan Roger and Kitty Whitley
Robert Gibbons Kerim and Soizick Munir Jane Kyricos Widiger
Martha Gjesteby Betts & Wisner Murray Dr. Arlene Winston
Dr Ronald and Lena Goldberg Dr and Mrs. Shapur Naimi Ed & Lucia Woods
Deborah Shadd and William Grimm Martha Narten Kevin and Barbara Wrenn
Jim and Laurie Hamilton