How can I participate?


We hope you become involved in ways you enjoy.  Below are some ideas, big and small, that may appeal to you.

Do you like to sing or play an instrument?

Join the bell choir or adult or kids’ choir. Volunteer to provide special music during worship.


Would you like to help out on Sunday mornings?

Volunteer to usher, provide flowers, be a greeter or host coffee hour.  Contact Sandy Bailey:

Do you have “handy-person” skills, or have an interest in project management as it relates to the care of historical buildings?

small group ministry pictureVolunteer to help the property committee with special projects.

Contact Lisa Dunne:  <>

Do you like working with children and youth?

Talk to the Religious Education Chairperson, Mark Alves, about being a teacher, assistant teacher, assistant to the youth group advisors, or helping with special projects.

Do you love being with babies and toddlers?

Volunteer to help with childcare during worship. Talk with Mark Alves.

Are you a gardener or do you like doing yard work?

memorial gardenWe have lots that needs doing every week on our property!  Speak with JoAnne Chittick.

Do you enjoy managing money and budgets?

Consider joining our Finance Committee or Stewardship Committee.  Speak with Woody Chittick.

DSC_0017_resizedWould you like to participate in or do you have ideas for Sunday morning worship – telling a story, reading, or planning a service?

Talk to our Minister.

Do you like to get things organized?lobster picture-anual celebrations

Talk to our ReUUsable Sale coordinators, our Circle Dinner Coordinators, or our Lobster Sale coordinators.

Do you have a passion or a strong interest in an area of spirituality, the arts, theology, or social justice that you want to explore and develop?


Are you interested in developing a speaker series or movie series about living sustainable lifestyles?


Do you like to help people in need?

Help with our Care Circle.

We look forward to getting to know you!