March 2017

From the Minister

Dear Friends:

Recently I came a cross a document entitled: “When to Call Your Minister.”  It was originally written by Rev. Peter Lee Scott many years ago.  Since that time many ministers have written some version of it for use with their own congregation. I share mine with you below:

I want to be helpful when you face a spiritual crisis or think you might benefit from a chat.  And I believe that as your minister I can perhaps help you navigate the challenges of life transitions, difficult choices, and grieving a loss.  I may not have answers to all of life’s persistent questions, and I’m not a therapist, but I am a pretty good listener and sometimes I find the right questions to ask or a good resource to point you toward.  So don’t hesitate to be in touch with me.  And don’t assume that I’m clairvoyant enough to know what’s going on with you unless you tell me.

Given the relatively new federal rules designed to protect your privacy, hospitals won’t necessarily call me if you are admitted.  If they do, they probably won’t tell me anything about your admission.  Most of the time they won’t even verify that you’re there.  So it is helpful for you to be proactive.  You are not bothering the minister with your problems; you are not taking time away from more important things.  You are important; one main reason you have a minister is to be of help to you; that is what my time is for.  A minister cannot know when he is needed; you need to tell him.  So feel invited to call…..

When someone is in the hospital or is going to be;
When someone is confined and would like to be visited;
When there is a death in the family (the minister should be called before the mortician);
When you wish to discuss funeral arrangements ahead of time;
When you have children to be named or dedicated;
When you have personal problems or family difficulties;
When you want to get married;
When you have marriage problems;
When you are arrested or in jail;
When you have an important choice to make – educational, job, etc;
When you are angry with the minister or upset with something in the church;
When you have prospective members for the church in mind;
When you want to talk about religion;
When you do not yet know the minister and would like to get acquainted;
When you simply want someone to talk with.

…And for the sake of a little humor one of my colleagues (Marilyn Sewell) had on her list that you should call her when you win the lottery and want to give the church a cool million or so.

In Faith,
Bob McKetchnie

RE Matters

Dear Members and Families,
Special Events:
Secret Pen Pal Program
From April 2 to May 7, the RE program will host our Pen Pal Program Event for our congregation. Sign up to be a Secret Pen Pal, and we’ll match you with a child in our church.  Each week you’ll exchange letters, and then at the end of the 6 weeks, we will have a party where you meet your new friend in person for the first time. There will be a sign up area in Trueblood Hall each Sunday in March. Sign ups for children will take place during RE or families can contact Donna Shecrallah at

Outreach Committee will be visiting the RE Program in March to talk with the kids about putting our UU Faith into action.  Look for more details in the upcoming Weekly Blast.

Guest at Your Table Boxes should be returned with your donations on Sunday, March 19. Everyone in worship was given a “Guest At Your Table” box, and was asked to create a place for the box at your dinner table. Consider giving the cost of what it would take to feed that unknown guest at your own dinner table each night of the fundraiser. You can place cash or a check in the box, or just bring in your donation as a check made out to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. All contributions will go to support the important work of the UUSC.

March’s Study of our UU Identity will focus on Peace and Justice with Others
Sun., Mar. 5, Friendships with People Different From You
Sun., Mar. 12, Children’s Chapel
Sun., Mar. 19, Faith in Action; Taking Care of Our World
Sun., Mar. 26, Intergenerational Service with storyteller Len Cabral

What is Children’s Chapel?
Children’s Chapel is a monthly part of our RE Program which takes place in the Atkinson Room during the second Sunday of each month of the regularly scheduled RE time. Children begin in worship and stay until they are sung out.  Then the children and youth come together to explore spiritual matters in their lives. Children’s Chapel includes Chalice Lighting, A Responsive Reading, Faith in Action activity and then Closing Words. This is an opportunity for our children to practice participation in worship service, speak in their own voices and build a sense of community within our program.

Our Whole Lives – K-1    Update – Our initial Parent Orientation meeting was very successful. The next meeting will be a combined Parent/Child Meeting on Sunday, March 12, 11:30-1 p.m. Snacks and childcare will be provided for children not enrolled in the OWL program. K-1 OWL will meet during regular RE time beginning March 19 and will be taught by our trained facilitators Mark Alves and Lynn Doxey. A special thank you to the parents for your openness, honesty and support to bring this program to our congregation. Thank you to Mark and Lynn for your presentation and preparation as we move this program forward. Dates for OWL program to run: 3/19, 3/26, 4/2, 4/9, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7, & 5/14.

Neighboring Faiths – Grades 7 -9     Advisor: Donna Shecrallah                                                  
This program is designed to create experiences where our youth can participate in the faith traditions of others, reflect on universal religious experiences, and explore their own values as they relate to many other traditions. The youth will be visiting other houses of worship in our area. Our planning session will take place Sunday, March 12 immediately after worship.  Tentative dates for this program are 3/19, 3/26, 4/2, 4/9, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7, & 5/14.

Sunday Worship Schedule

March 5th          “U.U’s and Uganda”   
Today’s sermon will review the humanitarian crisis that has emerged as a result of Uganda’s proposed anti-gay legislation.  Unitarian Universalists are playing a central role in providing sanctuary for many who are at risk of persecution and death while also fighting the political influence of the Christian right.

March 12th       “Who Tells You Who You Are?”  
The title of this sermon is a question that William Sloane Coffin asked shortly before he died in 2006.  Another form of this question is: “Whose Are You”?  Today we will ask these questions of ourselves and examine what importance they have to our lives.

March 12th       “Singing For the Earth”             3:00 p.m. Norwell
March 19th     ” Living in Dark Times: Your choice, womb or tomb?”
Guest Minister,  the Rev. Stephen Shick
For many of us darkness has fallen into our souls and we feel exiled in a strange land. We lament with Langston Hughes:  O, let America be America again. The land that never has been yet.And yet must be. 
Ours is an ancient choice. What do we do in this darkness? Do we choose to be reborn from the womb of our values and hopes, or to die in the tomb of our losses and angers? Together, through stories, poetry and conversation we will explore what spiritual practices can help us thrive in dark times like these.

March 26th          “Connecting Cultures Through Stories”                        Len Cabral
Today we invite storyteller, Len Cabral to our service.  Len is an internationally acclaimed storyteller who has been enchanting audiences with his storytelling performances at schools, libraries, museums and festivals since 1976.  Len writes, ” Proverbs are pearls of wisdom gained from the human experience and passed along by those who came before us.”  In today’s service Len will further explore proverbs and what role they have played in your life.  This service is Intergenerational and a good Sunday to invite your friends.

April 02nd           “Nourish What You Cherish”    
Please note that we are gathering at 9:30 am instead of the usual 10:00 am. in Trueblood Hall.  Our service today will be preceeded by a light breakfast .

Today begins our Stewardship Drive.  This sermon will speak of our responsibilities and commitment to good stewardship in caring for our church community, and for our need to support a voice for Unitarian Universalism in the larger world.

Youth Schedule

 March’s Study of our UU Identity will focus on Peace and Justice with Others
Sun., Mar. 5, Friendships with People Different From You
Sun., Mar. 12, Children’s Chapel
Sun., Mar. 19, Faith in Action; Taking Care of Our World
Sun., Mar. 26, Intergenerational Service with storyteller Len Cabral

Matt Meyers

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Everyone Loves to Attend Coffee Hour…

…So everyone needs to help to make it happen.
All you have to do is sign up to host. 

Coffee will be started for you. Option to use paper products provided or china. All you do is provide refreshments and clean up. It’s simple. You may sign up on the coffee hour posting board, or with our volunteer sign up host during coffee hour.

Be part of Friendship, Love and Community.

— Joan Lunt & Chartis Tebbetts