January 2015

In This Issue… Upcoming Events From the Minister Welcome New Members! RE Matters From the Theme Team: Connection From the Parish Committee Music Program Starting Points Chelsea Collaborative Thanks You From the Minister As we begin together another new year, I pause with gratitude for the journey we have traveled. We have shared deep moments […]

“The Dignity of Daring”

Reading from Forrest Church “Love and Death” Chapter 6 Forest Church describes the trap door trembling beneath his feet.  I think about the trapdoors I have known and I wonder about those you have known.  Cancer, heart attacks, sudden unemployment, a mental health diagnosis…the list goes on.  And I wonder how these trapdoors have changed […]

“Pray Without Ceasing”

Reading of the Day by Mark Bellitini Let the sky above me unroll like a scroll, and let me read upon it today’s text for my life: “You are alive, here and now. Love boldly and always tell the truth.” Let the wind arrange the naked branches of the maples and aspens and oaks into […]