Programs & Classes for Adults

We are committed to creating pathways of spiritual enrichment.  We offer short courses and small group ministries that include UU identity, spiritual practices, theology and world religions.  To help with leadership development, we offer grants up to $500.00 to help people pursue their passions with the intention of making connections beyond the First Parish Community.

Nurturing Spirits: Upcoming Adult Programs at First Parish in October

Circle Ministry

Please consider joining a Circle Ministry group this year.  These groups of 8-10 people meet twice a month for two hours to foster friendship, promote personal growth and share spiritual exploration.  Last year there were 3 groups that met Sunday morning, Wednesday morning and Wednesday evening.  There is a sign-up on the bulletin board as you enter the Parish House;  look under the heading “Care to Connect.”  Groups start meeting in October.  If you have any questions please contact Jack Martin ( or Annie Spang (, coordinators of the program.

Soul Matters Small Group Ministry

This small group ministry meets once a month to answer the question of how we as Unitarian Universalists live a life of meaning.  This small group of 5-8 people meets one Sunday afternoon a month from 11:45-1:00.  This is a great way for newcomers to become familiar with the spiritual practice of small group ministry.  To express interest, please email  It is hoped that you commit to making the once a month meeting until May so we can get to know each other.

Great World Religions: Buddhism

Get to know the “three jewels” of Buddhism, the foundations upon which buddhist practices are built.  We will delve into the Buddhist understanding of suffering, enlightenment, and salvation, explore stories and practices central to Buddhism and deepen our knowledge of Buddhism in this country and in Central and Southeast Asia.  To express interest, please email

Starting Points

A four session class meeting on Sunday afternoons for people new to First Parish and Unitarian Universalism.  This is a pathway to membership class for people seeking to understand the principles guiding their lives and how this religious community may add meaning.