Small Groups

Circle Ministry


Circle Ministry is small group gatherings of 8 to10 people that are designed to foster friendship and caring, to provide an avenue for personal growth and spiritual exploration, and to strengthen the fabric of our faith community.  CM is open to anyone who might wish to participate.  The groups are guided by facilitators and gather in people’s homes or in the Parish House twice a month for two hours.  Every meeting has the same structure but offers a unique experience. The format includes chalice lighting with a short reading, a check-in and sharing, introduction and discussion of a topic such as personal religious histories, living through loss, siblings, prayer, friendship, etc., then a closing reading.  Members of the group make a covenant regarding the way they will be with one another and a commitment to attend regularly. Each group is responsible for two service projects a year, one for the congregation and one for the wider community.  This picture is of one group at Rosie’s Place in Boston

Facilitators are Jack Martin and Annie Spang. If you are interested contact

Meditation Group

A small group of 7-10 participants meet on a come when you can basis.  We practice a combination of sitting, and walking meditations for an hour.  We save time to reflect and share on the different practices of the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism.

Care Circle

helping-handsWe believe that the practice of caring for others is central to our spiritual growth.  The Care Circle involves the entire membership and is organized by volunteers who rotate monthly to coordinate the needs of any member who is going through a traumatic time, whether physical or mental, by providing a meal, a ride to an appointment, or just a friendly visit or phone call.  The volunteers meet once or twice a year formally and network together informally throughout the year on how to best support needs of the congregation.  The monthly coordinator and the Minister are in close communication as well. Contact the administrator at if you need or are interested in being a monthly coordinator.