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Donna Shecrallah
Acting Director of Religious Education –

We give youth and children opportunities to discover and affirm truths about themselves in relationships with peers and caring adults. Young children thrive when they participate in community celebrations with people of all ages. As they grow older we give them opportunities to explore their own beliefs. Our faith tradition is rich with the teachings of prophetic men and women who help them do this.

In middle school, youth are hungry for exposure to more formal religious thought and our program gives them exposure to other faith traditions that help deepen their own beliefs. Senior youth conceptualize religious concepts into action and thrive on social justice activities and leadership development opportunities in our senior youth group.

In classes and in community we live and teach the values upon which Unitarian Universalism is based. Our youth grow into themselves with confidence and with an intellectual curiosity that stays well into adulthood.

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Our Programming

Most Sunday mornings the children begin the service with the rest of the congregation for our opening words, song and message for all ages. After that they are sung out to their classes with their teachers. One worship service a month is designed by song and content do engage all ages.

Infants & Toddlers: Childcare is provided by a qualified care giver hired by the congregation for children who are not old enough for formal RE programs

Pre-School thru K: For our youngest RE children, we follow the Spirit Play curriculum, which helps children to find meaning through storytelling, wondering and art.

1st through 6th grades
Grades 1-6: Typically meeting separately by age (1st-3rd grades and 4th-6th) we offer elementary school children an engaging RE program that helps them to put UU principles into action. Using a range of modalities, the children explore the UU principles in greater depth as they begin to form their own view of the world and how they are going to relate to it.

Once a month, our Religious Education Committee plan an inter-generational community day in which adults and youth of all ages participate in exploring a particular religious theme or holiday.

We also have programs especially geared toward youth and teenagers:

Coming of Age, Grades 7-8: This program fosters the transition of children into youth and helps adolescents find their place in the faith community. Together with their adult mentors, COA participants explore other faiths, visit different houses of worship and create their own credo statement. (Offered 2012-13 and 2014-15)

Our Whole Lives (OWL) Grades 7-8: This highly-acclaimed UUA program uses a holistic approach to help adolescents gain the knowledge, values and skills to lead sexually healthy, responsible lives. Sessions are run by trained leaders and include sharing of factual information as well as exploring the attitudes, values and feelings that youth have about themselves and the world. (Offered 2013-14 and 2015-16)

Youth Group, Grades 9-12: Combined with UU parishes in Scituate and Rockland, the Youth Group provides high school youth engaging opportunities for social justice, peer group interaction and faith development. Meets bi-weekly on Sunday evenings.