We are a spiritual community of individuals joined and connected by our search for spiritual meaning and commitment to living a just, productive, and caring life. We connect with each other in many ways and welcome any who would like to join us.

About 30 people standing in a sunny room, talking and drinking coffee.
Social hour after the Sunday service is a great place to make connections. (Faces in this photo are blurred to protect privacy.)

Connection comes from worshiping together at our Sunday services, joining for refreshments and companionship at social hour after services, and attending spiritual and educational programs, small group ministry sessions, and communal events where we can walk together, talk together and eat together.

We sing in our choir as a way to join with others in a shared love of music.

We teach our children in our religious education program and continue to learn in our adult education classes.

We gather in small group circle ministry sessions to reflect upon and share the joys and challenges or our daily lives.

We unite in service to the community through our outreach and service projects

And when life’s challenges seem overwhelming, we support each other through care circle and the pastoral ministrations of our compassionate minister.

We all come to First Parish as individuals, but we gather together in a shared ideal and we draw joy and strength from that association. We welcome all who would join us in this community.