Are you considering becoming a member here at First Parish Cohasset?

Because we are a covenantal faith tradition, not based on creed or shared belief, we promote and affirm your individual search for truth and meaning. We come together in community to share transcendent moments, to build bridges of respect between those with differing beliefs and backgrounds, and to love and serve each other and the world.

To become a member, there is, therefore, no need to convert or commit to a statement of belief. However, in becoming a member you are committing to be active in relationship to this community, attempting to grow in love, peace, acceptance, tolerance with those around you, and sharing of your time, talent, and treasure within the church. We will invite you to discover new opportunities to serve within the church or through social action. We will request that, within your means, you make a financial pledge to the church that reflects the value you (and your children, if this applies) receive from being involved here.

If you are considering membership, we urge you to attend an introductory class. If no class is being offered, you can also schedule a meeting with our minister, Rev. Dan Harper, who can answer your questions and give you a brief introduction to our religious tradition and our congregation.

Once a year, generally in May, we recognize those who have “signed our Membership Book” in a short ceremony during a Sunday service.

If you wish to join us, we welcome you and yours! If you have any questions about the path to membership, please contact our minister, Rev. Dan Harper at

We look forward to getting to know you!