Hingham July 12, 1756
I here certify that Mr Obadiah Lincoln of Scituate has brought to my house 6 chords of good merchantable wood towards my salary for the present year
Attest: John Brown

Much has changed since Reverend Brown issued his receipt to Obadiah Lincoln. Colonial law in Massachusetts required citizens to be a member of and to support their church. Today that is a free choice. Today we also have more convenient ways of showing our support than delivering a pile of firewood that measures four feet high by four feet wide by forty-eight feet long.


The First Parish in Cohasset operating budget is funded primarily by the annual donations of its members. We refer to these funding efforts as “stewardship”. We define Stewardship is taking care of something we value and enabling it to grow. When we become stewards, we take on a responsibility and contribute our time, talent and treasure.

Our Stewardship Committee coordinates our annual Stewardship Campaign where we ask member to “pledge” their financial support for the coming church year. This allows the leadership team to plan the programs and activities for the church as based anticipated funding levels.

We believe First Parish in Cohasset has the reach and depth for its members to impact one another, the wider community and the world. This reflects on the idea that our faith community offers each one of us a unique opportunity to contribute in our own way while supporting the overall church mission.

We benefit directly and personally from the worship and community activities that draw us together.

It is your support that enables our church to have an impact far beyond the walls of the building on the Common through our outreach and service activities.

We are proud that we have been able to meet our obligation as long-term stewards of two very important historic buildings which date back to the time when pledges were met with firewood.