First Parish in Cohasset is above all else a community. One way to really know our fellow members in that community is to share a word, some food, or a ride somewhere, connecting outside of our getting together on Sundays. There are wonderful conversations that can happen during these interactions.

Care Circle draws on the compassion and generosity of our members to support those who are experiencing temporary need due to injury, illness, loss of a loved one, or any of life’s curveballs that can bring you down.

The way that Care Circle works is that one or two leaders coordinate monthly volunteers for a year. Each monthly volunteer keeps the Care Circle Book. This is a journal of what we are doing as well as a listing of current needs. The monthly volunteer coordinates the efforts of members of the congregation to provide rides, meals, visits and cards to those in need.

The current monthly volunteer is identified in the weekly Order of Service, the weekly e-Blast, and the monthly newsletter. Please let them know if you need assistance or if you are aware of anyone who would benefit from a caring gesture.

Nancy Robertson is the Care Circle Coordinator for 2022-2023.