First Parish at Rosie’s Place November 28

A cheerful and hearty group of eleven met at the town hall parking lot to form the three car caravan to Rosie’s Place on Wednesday where we served about 195 guests a lunch of vegetable soup and a fish dinner.  We learned that end of the month lunch times are so busy they make the evening shift seem like a restful experience by comparison!  Staying busy from 10:30am to a little past 1:00pm suited everyone.  While there we spent our time sorting hats and gloves, chopping oinions and mushrooms, serving soup and the main course, clearing, scraping and washing up countless mugs, dishes and pots, cleaning up the dining room for the next meal and other tasks. We proceeded to a shared meal and much conversation at the Hingham Panera on our way home. Like the research says, doing good and being active can stimulate the feel-good hormone, seratonin, and our group was evidence of that.

Sign up for any of our next trips to Rosie’s is via the Sunday coffee hour clipboard or by calling the office at 781-383-1100.  We will serve dinner on January 30 (a 4pm to 7:30pm shift) which, as the last Wednesday of the month, is a special “birthday night.”  On these occasions there is a cake, gifts for those born in January, and a loud round of “Happy Birthday” sung with enthusiasm.  We hope you’ll consider signing up. That trip will begin in Cohasset about 3pm and return around 8pm, but volunteers are welcome to meet us at Rosie’s (889 Harrison Avenue, Boston) if that works better.  Once our group is formed we can decide if we want to share a meal and debrief on the way home from serving at Rosie’s. If any volunteers want a tour of Rosie’s and more information on their programs before the evening work starts, this is possible too.

The March date has been changed to a lunch time, so our third trip of the church year is March 20, again from 10:30am-1pm, leaving Cohasset about 9:30am. We hope many from First Parish will sign up to come along. Folks not in the parish are welcome to sign up as well. Participants are asked to make a voluntary contribution to the cost of the meal.  Our Outreach Committee underwrites the $350 Rosie’s requests of a group and we all contriubte (about $30/pp, $40/ per couple, $50 per family) to restore outreach funds. For questions contact