An Update from the Cohasset Food Pantry During Covid-19

An Update from the Cohasset Food Pantry During Covid-19

Like everyone else in our community, the Cohasset Food Pantry is doing its best to weather the storm brought on by this pandemic. Many in the community are not as fortunate as their neighbors as our client base continues to steadily grow during the Covid lockdown.

So far the food pantry has been able to provide for our clients’ needs using a “drive thru” process on Tuesday mornings and van deliveries through the Council on Aging. Orders are made via email and forwarded to the volunteers who prepare the bags for bi-weekly delivery or pick up. To protect both clients and volunteers no one but staff is allowed in the pantry. Inside the pantry we continue to do our best to follow COVID protocol – only one volunteer  works at the pantry at any given time, always wearing masks and gloves; and all surfaces, handles, and appliances are disinfected regularly.

We have also become creative in the ways we ask for help. Money and or store gift cards (with receipts attached) are more useful than food items and can goods from your home…again because of  fears of contamination and Board of Health restrictions. We have begun distributing gift cards of $50 a month ($12.50 per week) to allow clients to purchase milk, bread, eggs and other perishable items which cannot be stored at the pantry. Frozen chicken and ground beef are a part of each bi-weekly food bag as well.

Please know that we welcome community participation to help the pantry through gifts of money, store gift cards, and store bought canned goods, cleaning products, cereals, juices, cookies, crackers and healthy school snacks. These items can be dropped off outside the food pantry at the rear of St. Anthony’s rectory – across So. Main from the church parking lot – as volunteers are in and out of the pantry regularly preparing bags or stocking shelves and they will see that your items are retrieved. Or, purchased items may be placed in the Atkinson Room for transport to the food pantry. Any questions? Email Carol Martin at

Thank you,
Carol Martin, for the Cohasset Food Pantry