First Parish Author – “Just One Bite” – Allergy Awareness

Book cover showing a slice of layer cake with white frosting and filling along with a fork all placed upon a small white dessert dish.
  • After more than a year in the making, (First Parish Member) Meghan Neri is excited to be publishing her first book! Just One Bite is a memoir of the Neri family’s food allergy journey. A primary goal is to help others feel less alone. Meghan has included many of the helpful resources her family has come across over the years, as well as a section featuring the voices of more than 20 individuals who manage food allergies or celiac disease on a daily basis. She looks forward to sharing it far and wide in the hopes of getting it in the hands of those who can benefit most.
  •  “The diagnosis. The planning and preparation. The constant vigilance. The uncertainty. The fear. These can be constant struggles for food allergic individuals and those who care for them. You try to do everything right, you follow all the “rules,” and then BAM, just one bite of the wrong food and an allergic reaction can rock your world. With no right answers and plenty of wrong ones, what works for one family doesn’t necessarily work for another. Just One Bite is a book about relatability. The “I get that”s along with the “who knew”s. For Meghan Neri, experienced food allergy parent, educator, support group leader, and advocate, some of the best medicine has come from connecting with others who understand. So open these pages and find connection. Follow the Neri family’s journey of fear, adversity, and hope. You are not alone.”
  • The book will be available for purchase next week through Meghan’s business website (