RE Classes send cards to recently arrived asylum seekers along the US-Mexican Border

Recently the participating in First Parish’s Religious Education Program made cards that will be sent to the UUSC in Cambridge and then to the recently arrived asylum seeker families along the US-Mexican Border. The children drew and created cards that will be shared We will be drawing and creating cards that include messages of welcome to recently arrived asylum-seekers. Our cards will be shared with migrant children and families who have recently arrived to remind them that they have a home and are welcome here.

Some of our phrases included:  You are not alone – ¡No están solos!
You are welcome here – ¡Están bienvenidos aquí! 
We want you here – Queremos que estén aquí.
Be strong – ¡Fuerza!
With affection – Con cariño

This photo provides just a sampling of the children’s creative, imaginiative and heartfelt messages, welcoming families violence.  It was inspiring to see their “UU Spirit” bursting forth at such an early age.

For more information about First Parish’s RE program, call the Admin Office or email the Director of Religious Education, Donna Shecrallah, at