“Pay Attention, Naomi”

“Was my well-behaved therapy dog ignoring me or was she taking in all the world had to offer? And what about us? Do we fully embrace the wonders before us?”  Join us to find out…


About our Guest Minister:

The Reverend Danielle Di Bona has served Unitarian Universalism for over 30 years and is the 2018 recipient of the Award for Distinguished Service to the Cause of Unitarian Universalism. She is the 2004 recipient of The Melvin Hoover “Beloved Community Award” for outstanding service to Communities of Color in Unitarian Universalism. In her retirement, Rev. Di Bona serves as the Palliative Care chaplain at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, MA.
When not serving the UUA, the church, and the community, Danielle describes herself as “retired.” In her retirement she trains and shows her dogs and had the honor of showing Rozi (Champion, Grand Champion Blue Ridge Vista Csendes) and Aldas (Blue Ridge Vista Aldas) at the Thanksgiving National Dog Show in Philadelphia and Westminster in Manhattan.