As Unitarian Universalists, we know that our lives continue after we die in the memory of those who loved us, and those whom our lives touched.

In the Unitarian Universalist tradition, a memorial service honors the individuality of the deceased person. Typically, our minister will meet with the family of the deceased at least once, preferably twice (in person and/or online) to plan the service. Often, a central part of the memorial service will be a summary of the person’s life, followed by reflections by close family members (spouse, children, etc.).

Our minister, Rev. Dan Harper, can meet with you to plan a memorial service for a family member who has died. Some people may also wish to talk about their own memorial service long before their death. Dan is also able to consult with First Parish members who wish to officiate themselves at a memorial service. If you’d like to talk with our minister about a memorial service, call the First Parish office to schedule an appointment with him. Dan’s website contains a sample order of service for a memorial service.

If you’d like to hold a memorial service in our Meeting House, please contact the First Parish office for scheduling and for fees.