Jan 03rd     “Ethics and the Human Genome Project”

The world of medical science is slowly evolving.  Now that the human genome is mapped, what happens next?  What are the ethical issues that are at play and why are they important to us as a people of one world community?

Jan 10th     “All Human Lives Matter”  Guest Minister, Rev. Dick Fewkes

The journey to wholeness and right relations in church and society is as old as our UU denomination and and the history of race relations in the nation as a whole. All human lives matter–racial, sexual, political, or economic class structure.

Jan 17th                      “Where Hate Flourishes”

In commemoration of Martin Luther King’s birthday and the influence he had on so many, we will look at another important leader of the civil rights movement, Whitney Young, Jr.   He was greatly involved with the work and mission of Martin Luther King Jr. and was with him when he was assassinated.  Though he lived only 50 years, his contributions were significant as he pursued socioeconomic equality for the disenfranchised.

Jan 24th                      “Faith Stages”

Where are you on your spiritual journey?  Using the work of the late James Fowler who was a Professor of Theology and Human Development at Emory University, we will learn that there really is a “process” to spiritual development.

Jan 31st                       “Post-Covid”

This service will be unique in that it will be a collaboration of several ministers from the surrounding area.  It will address how the Covid Pandemic has made some permanent changes to the way we live, worship and express our heart-felt hope.

Feb 07th                      “Words of Wisdom from King Solomon”

Today’s sermon will explore the “wisdom of Solomon” as he expressed it in the Book of Ecclesiastes.  You will be amazed at how contemporary his message is and how useful it may be to living your life today.