Speaker: Rev. Robert McKetchnie

Why They Come

Today’s sermon will take a sobering look at the crisis playing out in the Somoran Desert, between Mexico and Arizona.  There is confusing, hurtful and “sensational untruths” within the rhetoric associated with the topic of immigration.  The rhetoric has become so politicized that we have … read more.

The Seeds That Fall

Today is our Multigenerational Thanksgiving Service.  Today’s homily will be based on Chapter 13 of the Book of Matthew, the Parable of the Sower.  Parables are stories describing situations in every day life which, as Jesus used them, convey a spiritual meaning.  Guest At Your … read more.

Before I Go

Have you had THE conversation yet? Today’s sermon will introduce you to the Conversation Project. This project is all about making sure that what you hope will happen upon your death is known in advance by your loved ones.

Fostering Compassion

Do you discuss the pain and suffering of others with your children or grandchildren; or do you avoid it altogether? Today’s sermon will address ways to foster compassion in each other as we all try to navigate a sometimes painful world.