Leadership and Committees

First Parish relies upon its members for their time and talent in running the various operations of the church and assisting the Minister in his role as spiritual leader of the congregation. Committees are either established pursuant to specific provisions of the by-laws, such as the Parish and Finance Committee, or established by the Parish Committee, which can designate members. Each committee elects its own chairpersons, and determines its own schedules and procedures.

Parish Committee

The Parish Committee is an elected board of six members which serves the congregation by establishing broad policy for the church and acting as guardian of its organizational, spiritual and financial health. Parish Committee members are elected by the congregation at the annual meeting and serve for staggered terms, generally of three years each.

The Parish Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month  at 7 p.m. unless otherwise posted. Meetings are open to any members who would like to observe, except for some occasions when the Committee will enter executive session to discuss sensitive matters such as personnel issues. In addition, any member who has an issue they would like to raise with the Committee can contact the chairperson and be included in the agenda.

Current members and their terms are:

Holly Harris (Chair) 2021-2024
Annie Spang (Vice Chair) 2021-2024
Caroline Struzziero (Clerk) 2023-2027
Abe Murray
Bev Burgess
Tara Volungis

Peter Parker (Treasurer) 2021-2022

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of four members of the congregation plus the treasurer as an ex-officio member. The Committee is tasked with generating an annual budget of anticipated revenues and expenses and submitting it to the Parish Committee for review and then to the congregation for adoption at the annual meeting. In addition, the Committee makes recommendations for revenue enhancements and additional revenue sources, advises on matters of financial policy, and monitors operating funds, longer term investments and funds in various restricted accounts held by the church.

Property Committee

Lisa Dunne – Chair

The Property Committee has primary responsibility for the maintenance and management of the Meeting House and Parish House and the associated grounds. The Committee also oversees the implementation of major repair or capital projects.

Welcoming Committee

Woody Chittick and Ngoc Dupont

The Welcoming Committee is tasked with the responsibility for the growth and maintenance of membership. The committee has primary responsibility for maintaining our visibility in the greater community, welcoming those who express an interest in First Parish and Unitarian Universalism, and ensuring that existing members have opportunities to participate in the church in meaningful and rewarding ways.

Religious Education Committee

Meghan Neri – Chair

The RE Committee works with our Director of Religious Education (link) and the Minister (link) to create a program for children and youth that balances the needs of all those involved. It is responsible for planning curriculum and coordinating classes and special events. Members and friends are encouraged to engage with child and youth programming as a way to enhance their experience at First Parish.

Outreach Committee

Margie Brown – Chair

The Outreach Committee is responsible for overseeing the efforts of First Parish to serve the local and the world community. It recommends organizations to receive our shared plate donations as well as overseeing the expenditures from the Community Outreach Fund

Stewardship Committee

First Parish relies upon the generosity of its members to support its operations and to fund its work in the community. The Stewardship Committee facilitates that process by communicating to the congregation the importance of their commitment and organizing the annual spring campaign to solicit pledges of financial support from the members.

Other Committees and Teams

Consistent with the dynamic of a member driven community, other committees and teams are formed from time to time for specific purposes, such as creation of new space in our Parish House, renovation of our website, and similar one-time activities. Other less formal groups facilitate activities such as care circle and small group ministry.