NOTE:  These services may still be available on YouTube.  Go to YouTube and search for First Parish Cohasset to access past services.  They are available for a limited time period.  Current services will appear every Sunday afternoon.


October 04th              “Living Life in Real-time”

Someday we will all look back on this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Many of us will remember it as a time of loss.  Today’s sermon however, will reflect upon this time, even as we are still within it, as a time of forced “slow-down” and what that may mean for us.

October 11th             “White Supremacy is a Script Given Us at Birth”

This essay was written by Reggie Williams, who teaches Christian Ethics at McCormick Theological Seminary.  It will be presented to you by Holly Harris as a way of “kicking-off” our work on racism.

October 18th             “Are UU’s Protestant?”

I was recently asked this question and recognized that the answer isn’t so easy.  Each church year, I try to preach at least one sermon that introduces some basic Unitarian Universalist theology.  So, come hear my answer to this question and see if it resonates for you.

October 25th             “On A Tour Through Hell”

Today my sermon will take you on a tour of various depictions of hell since mankind’s earliest expression of it.  Fear of hell has had a profound influence on religion and culture throughout the ages.  Come hear how ideas of hell have evolved!

November 01st         “What to Say to Our Children”

I don’t have to tell you that our country is on the “eve” of an election.   In the months leading up to this, fear and anxiety has risen along with the violence we witnessed in language and acts.  As our media is filled with these ideas and images, do you wonder how the children in your life make meaning of all of this?

Let’s talk about what you might say to them.

September 13th
Multigenerational Ingathering 

This Sunday is our Multigenerational Ingathering.  Welcome to the new church year which begins with a service on the Parish House back lawn near the Memorial Garden. 

Today’s service will include a Water Communion so don’t forget to bring a small sample of water from a spiritually significant place (near or far) to add to our communal bowl.  Please also bring a chair or blanket to sit on and some lunch for after the service.  I invite you to bring a friend!
Please note:  This service will only be outside if the weather permits it.  There will be no plans for the service to move inside.  If the outside service is cancelled then I will tape a service and make it available later in the day on YouTube.

September 20th
“What to do With My Pennant from Cleveland”

Recently an NFL team, the Washington Redskins, agreed to stop using that name for their team.  It reminded me of a trip I took many summers ago to the mid-west which included a stop at Jacobs Field home of baseball’s  Cleveland Indi – uh – “Native Americans”.  This sermon will tell the story of why Cleveland chose the logo they did for their team and why it is important for all of us not to turn a blind eye to the problem of it. Please note today’s service will include a “Blessing of the backpacks.”

September 27th     “ Love and Forgiveness”

Today at sundown the Jewish holy day Yom Kippur begins.  Yom Kippur can be a time of deep reflection for all people to examine their relationships.  Today’s sermon will reflect on what this holy day can mean to Unitarian Universalists.