December 15th               The Christmas Pageant: “The Christmas Story” under the direction of Tracey Newman, DRE

Please join us today for our multi-generational participatory service where the story of Christmas comes alive in our sanctuary.

December 22nd
“Music and Readings of the Season”     

Come join Rev. Bob and Joel Davidson for a service of music and prose of the season.
Bring a friend and enjoy!

December 24th      Christmas Eve Candlelight Service –  “Illumination”

Our traditional Candlelight service will begin at 5:00 p.m.  Come for the music and story and warmth of community and let them move you.  Come celebrate this Christmas Eve and bring a friend!

December 29th       “Little Things That Made A Difference”
Stephen Brown

Come, listen to, and share if you like, the little things that made a difference for us in 2019.  We’ll have music between comments, so we will have time to reflect on each other’s contributions.  The problems in the world sometimes make us feel overwhelmed by our inability to make an impact, yet there are little things we do or experience that surprise us with microbursts of joy, happiness, and contentment.  Perhaps we can borrow some of these ideas from each other and use them in 2020.

This service will take place in Trueblood Hall at our usual service hour of 10:00 a.m.

January 05th 2020              “Heaven Help Us”

Over the centuries there have been many understandings of heaven in culture.  Where did they come from?  How have they evolved?  Today’s sermon will explore “heaven” and yes, make suggestions on how to get there someday!