March 8th    The Three “I’s” of Love: Intuitive, Intentional, and Interdependent
Yes, you can fall into it, love that is. At such moments love is the intuition of possibilities. If you then practice love intentionally you will give love a power that awakens and enlivens every aspect of your life, even in dark times.
But, if you then add to your intuition and intention the freeing awareness of the interdependence of all life, you will be able to break through any barriers your ego centered life has constructed.

March 15th   “A Lenten Reflection”                   
Lent is typically the season in the Christian calendar that asks us to reflect upon our lives.  In this season we strive to determine what we are holding onto that is not useful and life giving so we can let it go.  Today’s sermon will explore how Unitarian Universalists, whether they observe a Lenten practice or not, can benefit by such reflection.

March 22nd   “Together We Thrive”
Today is the official start of our annual pledge drive that funds the church’s operations for the coming year beginning July 1st.  This sermon will speak to our responsibilities and commitment to good stewardship as we recognize the common aspirations that we share in the community that we call First Parish.

March 29th   “Embracing Resurrection All Year Long” 
In our moments of grief, disappointment and despair how do we make room for that which is most deeply nourishing?   Today’s sermon will ponder the meaning of resurrection in our lives as this season of Spring unfolds.

April 5th        “For the Love of Water”
The issues surrounding the privatization of water moved from the abstract to the concrete as I tried to do meaningful work with poor children in Mexico while on sabbatical there.  Today’s sermon will introduce the topic of this highly controversial topic which is a continuing source of violence, all around the world.