May 12th                     “Anita Trueman Pickett”

As is customary on Mother’s day, Bob will preach on a famous female UU person.  Anita Truemann Pickett was an influential public speaker, poet, mother, author, Unitarian minister and preacher of “New Thought” philosophy.

May 19th                        “Our Culture of Redemptive Violence”

This sermon will examine our tendency as humans to seek redemption through violence.  Every culture has it s media icons of redemptive violence.  Where did this idea come from and how do we cope with it as compassionate, feeling people?

May 26th                     “Abide with Me”   led by Nancy Robertson

Today’s service commemorates all those who have endured the sadness of war throughout our history.  Using the book, “War Letters” by Andrew Carroll we will stand witness to personal stories of soldiers writing home from the frontlines of battle.

June 2nd                     “Music Sunday”

Today we celebrate with music!  This is a service of readings and music by our Music Director, Luca Antonucci, members of the choir and Rev. Bob.  Come and bring your friends!   We will also welcome those who signed our membership book in the past year.

June 9th
RE Recognition Sunday and Flower Communion

This will be our final “regular” Sunday service until the summer services that begin on June 30th.  In today’s service we will recognize those who have participated in our religious education program this year and thank our DRE, Donna Shecrallah for her dedication to our program over these past three years.  Our service will include a traditional Unitarian Universalist Flower Communion.  Don’t forget to bring a cut flower to add to our altar vase for distribution later in the service.