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Reading List for White Fragility Book Discussions

Following is a list of books, non-fiction and fiction, along with a podcast as a follow-up to our Book Discussion Group ZOOM Meetings this past year.  A hard copy is available by calling/emailing the Admin Office at; 781-383-1100.

Thank you.


Alexander, Michelle
The New Jim Crow—Mass Incarceration … read more.

The Cohasset Pride Project

The Cohasset Pride Project

The Cohasset Pride Project has officially been born! I am reaching out to let you know that you can find the organization online here, and that if you’d like a progress flag to hang at the church or any other Parish spaces, … read more.

First Parish Meeting House Renovation Update

As you have no doubt seen from the activity at the Meeting House and Parish House, the repairs and renovations undertaken are substantial.  And, they are long overdue: for example, the sprinklers in the Meeting House were installed 71 years ago and are finally being … read more.

Meditation and Book Discussion Group

Please note our meditation and book discussion group are on summer break.  They will be resume in the Fall.

If you have an interest in learning how to meditate, followed by lively discussions about literature related to meditation and more, please contact Christine Allen at … read more.