Group projects bring us together through shared efforts and shared objectives. Some of the projects raise funds for the benefit of the operations and work of the church or for our various service partners. Other projects bring us together for the pure pleasure of sharing our creativity.

Lobster Roll Sale

The annual lobster roll sale on Father’s Day weekend in June is the largest fundraiser at first parish. Over a period of three days dozens of volunteers make and sell over 1,000 lobster rolls. Volunteers work on all aspects of the sale, including advertising and soliciting pre-orders and business orders, actually making and assembling 1,000 lobster roll packages with chips and water, and selling them to the hungry folks attending the annual Cohasset Arts Festival.

ReUUsable Sale

The ReUUsable sale is another popular fundraiser for First Parish. The old maxim that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has certainly proved to be the case , as members donate their excess treasures and volunteers sort and prepare them for sale. We have recently expanded the range of offerings with a gourmet candy sale.

Lenten Manual

Sometimes we work together for no other reason than a pure appreciation of language and thought. The Lenten Manual is a longstanding annual collaboration of members who provide stories, art work, poems and other reflections on a different topic each year.

Contributors range from all generations offer an insight into our community through many different lenses, from the drawings of a nine year old to the retrospective musings of a contributor looking back on a long and eventful life.

Reverend McKetchnie facilitates the efforts of the many contributors by offering a writers workshop at the start of the annual process.