“If you have ever wondered why bad things happen to good people, if creation is ‘cosmic fluke’ or how Unitarian Universalists can behave virtuously without heaven or hell, then you are in danger of falling into theology.

Somehow we have it in our heads that it is “un-Unitarian Universalist” to “do theology,” because that is what the orthodox do; and we are, if truth be known, heretics. Heresy, while commonly understood as deviation from orthodox belief, originally meant choice – the heretic is one who both dissents and chooses.

Unitarian Universalists are very definitely happy heretics. We choose to do theology in a liberal religious mode. But if we are living, breathing, hurting, crying, questing human beings, it is impossible not to be theologians.”

— Rev. Richard Gilbert, UU minister, from his book “Building Your Own Theology”

We partake in religious education throughout our lives because it helps us define who we are, what we believe, why we believe it, how to express what we believe, and (when we get really confident), how to live what we believe when challenged by all that faces us in the world.

Introduction to Unitarian Universalism

An adult education course designed to introduce the ideas, history, and people that make up the First Parish in Cohasset and the liberal religious tradition of which Unitarianism and Universalism are a part. This is a step towards involvement in a community of faith dedicated to the preservation of religious freedom and the uplifting of the human spirit.

Classes are scheduled periodically based on demand. Please monitor our website for announcements of future sessions.