“Barbie” and Unitarian Universalism

From the Instagram feed of the Unitarian Universalist Association:

“The new Barbie movie was co-written and directed by a Unitarian Universalist. Greta Gerwig is a talented filmmaker and also a proud UU! Back in 2013 she told UU World ‘Unitarianism is the most complete expression of my multiple and, at times, contradictory thoughts about the spiritual life. I think the openness of the community allows for a greater variety of personal faith and ideas. It isn’t oppressively open, but generously so.I think I keep returning to a UU church again and again because it resonates with something deep inside of me that feels that all I really know is that I don’t know. Unitarian Universalism is the best place for me to experience the fullness of that sentiment of not knowing.'”