Lobster Roll Weekend is a Successful Group Effort at First Parish in Cohasset

First Parish again this year participated in the South Shore Arts Festival on Cohasset Common by hosting its traditional lobster roll sale over Father’s Day weekend.   Any way you measure it, and in spite of miserable weather on Saturday, the event was a huge success: we sold out, we made money, we made the customers happy, we brought people to our historic Parish House, we made new friends, and we had a really fun weekend.  Many thanks to our “roll” call of weekend warriors.  We couldn’t do it without a team effort.  Your help was greatly needed and certainly appreciated!
Person dressed in red lobster "mascot" costume
Man with apron and chef's hat standing in front of open refrigerator stacked with foil wrapped lobster rolls.
Six ladies in aprons and hair coverings shown during kitchen prep

Three people shown cutting lobster meat and filling cups to measure quantity for lobster rolls.

Three people (two with white and red lobster aprons) shown in kitchen during food preparation.

Five people standing outside on grass under a white canopy tent holding it up to be secured. Also shown are a rectangular table and two lawn chairs.

Four young people, two wearing red lobster mascot costumes and two wering lobster head gear, standing outside in the rain to gather attention for lobster roll customers.

Three volunteers wearing white aprons with lobsters on them standing under a white canopy outside of a white house

Two adults and a child sitting at a long table covered with a red and white checkered tablecloth selling lobster rolls.

Three volunteers wearing lobster headgear sitting at a red and white checkered table selling lobster rolls.

Child dragging a sign across the lawn to advertise lobster roll event.

Young child helping to carry a bin to put things away.

Children on a lawn helping to carry orange parking cones.

Seven volunteers under a white canopy with a sign indicating that lobster rolls have been SOLD OUT!