First Parish’s New Common Hope Friend/Sponsor Child

On a recent Sunday when I spoke with the children and introduced them to Katherine Daniela Ixcoy Santos, our newest Common Hope sponsor child, one child wisely said “A friend is kind.” Thanks to the kindness of friends in this parish, over the last twenty years or so, three young people in Guatemala have experienced that kindness and can now look forward to healthier, more prosperous lives in a country that has suffered for years from poverty, civil war and corrupt governance.

Our newest ‘friend’ is Katherine, an eight year old second grader who is one of five children and her mother who, with her mother, lives in an 8 meter by 8 meter house perched on the side of a mountain.  Our Common Hope sponsorship of Katherine and her family will help several of the children go to school and provides health, social and psychological services for the entire family.  

Common Hope, located in Minnesota, and with a large community center in Antigua, Gatemala, does an outstanding job of supporting hundreds of children in their desire for an education, in addition to nurturing families on the margins of life.  

We are proud to share in Common Hope’s mission and vision.

(A large number of individuals and families at First Parish sponsor children on their own. Some Sunday we will ‘share’ our beautiful children with all of you with the hope that others will want to join us in this venture.)

Carol Martin
Outreach Committee