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Reading List for White Fragility Book Discussions

Following is a list of books, non-fiction and fiction, along with a podcast as a follow-up to our Book Discussion Group Zoom Meetings this past year.


Alexander, Michelle
The New Jim Crow—Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
The title says it all

Broom, Sarah
The Yellow House
A memoir about … read more.

The Cohasset Pride Project

The Cohasset Pride Project has officially been born! I am reaching out to let you know that you can find the organization online here, and that if you’d like a progress flag to hang at the church or any other Parish spaces, we’d love to … read more.

Summer Lay Led Services Open to Member Presenters

Here’s the church and
Here’s the steeple.
Open the doors and
See all the SUMMER people!

We’re planning on opening the Meeting House for summer services.

These lay led services have long been a tradition at First Parish and I know many of us welcome them back. … read more.

Outreach Hosts Housewarming Event

Outreach Committee to Host a Housewarming Event During April and May and You are Invited to Participate

This is an exciting invitation to help our Outreach Committee furnish two apartments this spring working along side the non-profit organization Hearth. Hearth,is dedicated to the elimination of homelessness among … read more.