Outreach Hosts Housewarming Event

Outreach Committee to Host a Housewarming Event During April and May and You are Invited to Participate

This is an exciting invitation to help our Outreach Committee furnish two apartments this spring working along side the non-profit organization Hearth. Hearth,is dedicated to the elimination of homelessness among the elderly in the greater Boston area.

Two years ago Outreach “adopted” a room for a new resident in Hearth housing and being pre-COVID a group of us “set up” the apartment and had lunch with the new resident. It was a wonderful experience we would like re-peat and to share with all of the parish virtually this year. First Parish is being asked to fill “housewarming boxes” for two new residents at the Four Corners site. Each “housewarming box” will cost approximately $200. 00.

If you would like to be a part of this “virtual venture” please send your contribution to the church office with “Hearth housewarming” written on the “memo” line. Mary Parker, who is involved with Hearth, will do the shopping and deliver our “housewarming boxes” to the new units…..and hopefully have photos to share in the Parish House hallway when we are able to return to regular church services.

For more information about Hearth, please visit the website at www.hearth-home.org or speak to Mary Parker.