“The Way We Feed Each Other” April 17, 2016

Hip Hop artist Questlove just wrote a book about food, how it brings people together to sort out lofty ideas, discover their creativity, how it helps them figure out how to be human. He interviewed 10 chefs around the country and as they described to him their visions and their dreams on how to best […]

“Holding The Flame” April 10, 2016

Khoren Arisian, the former minister of the First Unitarian Church in Minneapolis, wrote these words on “What is a Church?” If a church is just its minister, then it is only another preaching station. If a church is just a school of religion, then it is only another educational agency. If a church is just […]

“Gardeners of the Spirit” April 3, 2016

In one of the most popular TED talks ever, with 38 million views, author and educator Ken Robinson tells his listeners this, “When it comes to education creativity is now as important as literacy and should be treated as such.” Al Gores film had just been released and he commends Gore for continuing an ecological […]

“Wholeheartedness” March 27, 2016

In the book of Matthew, Mary approaches the tomb on resurrection day when suddenly, the ground shakes and an angel appears like lightning, his robe white as snow. The angel rolls away the stone in front of the tomb where Jesus had been laid and says to Mary “Do not be afraid, you are looking […]