“Becoming an Ancestor”

The Reading: Stanley Kunitz “The Layers” http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/242450 Sermon: My friends, we are living in troubling times.  As citizens of this world we are facing unprecedented challenges, each interwoven and inseparable from the other.  Climate change is rendering vast regions of the Middle East and Africa non-livable, transnational trade is gutting once locally sustainable economies, millions […]

Animal Blessing Homily

Greta was a beloved pet of mine, who in the two short years I knew her, taught me what its like to give and receive unconditional love.   This is a type of love that all of us desire, and some have pledged to give to one another “for better and for worse, till death do […]

“Seeing With Your Heart” (Homily for the Ritual of Celebrating the Day of the Dead)

I live in the same town as international storyteller Jay O’Callahan and sometimes I go to his house when he needs an audience to rehearse for a national gig.  I love chatting with him afterwards almost as much as the rehearsal. Last year as we chatted he told me about a young boy named Jonathan.  […]

“Growing in Faith” (Worship Theme Ancestory)

The main  reason I became a Unitarian Universalist fifteen years ago is because of our cool history.   I am a second generation American and I don’t know much about my roots beyond my grandparents.  I want a lineage, one that informs my life and the lives of my kids.  I want ancestors with weight and […]