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What Mice Teach Us About Family

During the season of Halloween, we see images of mice, worms and other animals considered creepy crawly. However, these living beings have important lessons to teach us about family unity. This sermon engages with the seventh principal of respect for the independent web of all … read more.


Our Stories

I have been a member of First Parish for over 25 years. For most of that time I have been involved in choir – the adult choir as well as the short-lived family choir, not to mention a couple of sit-ins as a “ringer” in the bell choir. I have sat on various committees over the years including at least one stint on the music and worship committee and have been involved in multiple music director searches. Read the full testimonial.

For the past 13 years at First Parish I have been able to work on, really play with, something I believe in, and that is Circle Ministry. Bringing small groups of people together to engage in thoughtful dialogue resonated with me. Read the full testimonial.