“When you come across beautiful things, you experience a radical decentering” says 20th Century philosopher Simon Weil.  Beautiful things like the tiny blue orange moth on the brick, or the delicate white blossoms among the bramble “act like small tears in the surface of the world that pulls you into a vaster space so that when […]

June 2015

In This Issue… From the Minister Bags and Bags Circle Dinner Worship & Youth Schedules Summer Service Schedule RE Matters Singing Workshop: Finding Ourselves in Rhythm From the Theme Team: Beauty Jill and Ben for Common Hope Things to Look Forward to in the Fall (so far) From the Minister Last April I joined a […]

“A Force That Give Us Meaning” A Memorial Day Sermon

READINGS:  Excerpts of Walt Whitman’s Poems As we honor the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the war from which this national holiday was born, I offer this excerpt form Walt Whitman “Song of Myself” written before the war in 1855.      Please listen to how Whitman writes of how we experience the world through the […]