“Unchartered Waters” Rev. Jill Cowie January 10th 2016 Worship Theme Resistance

As some of you know, I spent the last five days as crew on the first scientific sailing teaching vessel ever built, the Corwith Cramer. I joined my husband and 28 college faculty, staff and semester abroad advisers traversing 155 miles in the waters between St. Croix and San Juan, Puerto Rico. We just got […]

“Daybreak” by Rev. Jill Cowie January 3, 2016 Worship Theme: Resistance

Reading: Marge Piercy “The Low Road” http://communityservice.rutgers.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/10/The-Low-Road.pdf?1b141e Reading: Denise Levitrov “All That Passeth Understanding” http://gatheringinlight.com/2013/11/26/that-passeth-all-understanding-by-denise-levertov/ Sermon: Imagine thousands of abolitionists and enslaved Africans waiting on Freedom’s Eve 1863 for the sun to break upon the day that declared by law slavery illegal. Imagine the singing and celebration in anticipation of that day. Imagine voices by […]

“In A Twinkling of an Eye” December 24th 2015

Reading: “A Blessing Called Sanctuary” by Janet Richardson http://adventdoor.com/2015/12/14/advent-4-a-blessing-called-sanctuary/ “In A Twinkling of An Eye” Cohasset Christmas Eve 2015, Rev. Jill Cowie “You hardly knew how hungry you were to be gathered in,” says the poet. “Tentative steps became a settling in as you leaned into the blessing that enfolded you with unimaginable grace.” Words […]

“Singing Without a Script: Engaging with Climate Change”

I listened on Thursday to Tom Ashbrook, the NPR host of All Things Considered interview climate change journalist Jack Cushman and Brown University professor Timmons Roberts.  With only one more day remaining of the Paris climate change talks, he asked his guests “are the talks at risk of flaming out?”  That’s when I made the connection […]